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The origins of the Sinodal Educational Network are linked to the difficulties the Lutheran-Evangelic Communities faced during Worl War II, especially with “Nationalization” a policy adopted by President Getúlio Vargas which forbid foreigners to exercise certain activities, including the trade of teaching, and the use of the German language.


At that time, since most schools had non-certified teachers, or only those who spoke German, the Rio Grande do Sul State Sinode, through an Educational Department, aided the communities in the process of regularization of schools and teachers.


The shift of the schools from Basic Education to High School led to the creation of the Center for Secondary School Principals. These meetings enabled the establishments to interact, giving rise to the Teachers´Congress in 1952, and, in 1954, to the Olympics of Evangelical Schools. These events, among others, such as the Drama Yearly Show and the Musical Instrument Ensanble Meetings, are on to this day, enriching the Sinodal Education Network activities.


In 1981 the Education Department is formed, resulting from the fusion of the Teaching Department and the Center for School Principals. In 2000 the name “Education Department” is changed to “Sinodal Educational Network”. It was up to the schools to incorporate the participation of these Networks to their material in the communitary and Lutheran schools.


Today, 59 institutions integrate the Sinodal Educational Network in 6 Brazilian States, with greater concentration in the country´s Southern Region. It comprises 42 schools in the States of Rio Grande do Sul, 10 in Santa Catarina, 5 in Paraná and one in each of the following States: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Mato Grasso. The network congregates 36,000 students nationwide.

Unidade Centro

Ensinos Mdio, Tcnico e Superior. Rua Princesa Isabel, 438 Centro. CEP: 89201-270 - Joinville/SC. (047) 3026-8000.

Unidade Saguau I

Educao Infantil e Ensino Fundamental de 1 a 3 srie. Rua Guaratuba, 200 Saguau. CEP: 89221-660 - Joinville/SC. (047) 3026-8000.

Unidade Saguau III

Ensino Fundamental de 4 a 9 serie, Complexo Esportivo e Ensino Superior. Rua Mafra, 84 Saguau. CEP: 89221-665 Joinville/SC. (047) 3026-8000.

Academia Bonja

Venha entrar em forma! Rua Ada Xavier da Silveira, 168 Saguau. CEP: 89221-380 - Joinville/SC. (047) 3032-8888.
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